Barbezat-Villetard — Like Ripples on a Blank Shore


Architecture, installation

Like Ripples on a Blank Shore

Past: September 9 → October 22, 2017

The Franco-Swiss art duo Barbezat-Villetard, (Matthieu Barbezat, Nyon, 1981, and Camille Villetard, Paris, 1987) work with space, the status of architectural elements and objects in order to reveal/conceal a territory that lies at the limit of the unreal.

For both the CCS courtyard and the gallery on the courtyard, the two artists have dreamed up Like Ripples on a Blank Shore. A group of discontinuous columns and a horizontal ray of light generate a relationship between the inside and the outside, fashioning an ambiguous architecture that is both structuring and loose. With their ambivalent functions, the forms making up the installation create an atmosphere that is imbued with a provisional character.


Matthieu Barbezat was born in 1981 in Nyon (Switzerland) and Camille Villetard in 1987 in Paris. Together they live and work between Bern and Paris. They are graduates respectively of the Bern University of the Arts (HKB) and the Ecole cantonale d’art of Valais (ECAV). Their most recent solo shows have been held at the GSN Project, Moncton, Canada; WinOrLoseLA, Los Angeles, USA; ZQM, Berlin, Germany; Musée d’art du Valais, Sion, Switzerland; and Lokal-int, Bienne, Switzerland. They are recipients of the main Aeschlimann-Corti grant for 2016, and the 2015 Manor Sion Culture Prize. Following their residency at the Cité internationale des Arts of Paris, which they have only just completed, Barbezat-Villetard will be pursuing two additional residency projects next winter in Seoul and Tokyo.

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