Bénédicte Henderick — Corpus I de Ando à Picabia



Bénédicte Henderick
Corpus I de Ando à Picabia

Past: November 10, 2012 → January 12, 2013

The Gallery Catherine Putman presents for the first time in Paris the work of Bénédicte Henderick.

Born in 1967 in Belgium, Bénédicte Henderick lives and works in Brussels. She paints, draws, realises installations and objects between design and sculpture. The drawing occupies an important place in her work and is developped with a wide variety of techniques and support: paper, cardboard, backed pictures, and even, like here, playing cards.

Corpus I is the follow-up of the project Preface begun in 2012 and situates itself in the continuation of her last series Camina Ando. The corpus will be developed in several stages with the initial phase — or the fist chapter — in Paris. The accomplices chosen for this first developpement are Tadao Ando, Maurice Blanchot, Jacques Lacan et Francis Picabia.

It is absolutely not the question of the illustrative work: there is neither an explicit reference here, nor a direct quotation; Bénédicte Henderick offers us the works of art which, through the game of associations and suggestions, refer themselves to those authors and artists who have always accompanied her.

Camina Ando: the alter ego of the artist, the personification of the individual progression and, through analogy, the filiation with Tadao Ando. Such is her personal and original approach in the “Corpus”, where each work refers to one or the other of these personalities.

The approach in the drawing for Tadao Ando is constructed with implicit erotisation, more conceptual and close to the unsayable for Maurice Blanchot, more “nodal” with Jacques Lacan, and the great and uninhibited expression for Francis Picabia.

  • Opening Saturday, November 10, 2012 5 PM → 8 PM
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