Beverly Fishman — Pharmako Series


Installation, painting, sculpture

Beverly Fishman
Pharmako Series

Past: September 3 → 27, 2011

Galerie Richard present Beverly Fishman’s solo exhibition. Of special interest will be the European debut of Pills, a series of luminous sculptures. In addition, the exhibit will feature new brightly colored paintings on metal. Beverly Fishman’s work is unique by her appropriation of abstract scientific languages to represent the human body. Pharmako Series raises fundamental questions such as excess of drug prescriptions and legal or illegal drug addiction.

Curtained off from the rest of the gallery, the Pills sculptures are displayed across the four walls from floor to ceiling. During daylight the festive multicolored coating of the Pills’ resin shapes along with the visibility of numerous internal logos, quickly captures the viewer’s attention. While in darkness the sculptures radiate red, green, and blue to create a magical luminous space. The resin absorbs daylight and then releases it at night. Each sculpture is unique and sold separately, which allows the collector to build his/her own wall installation by selecting several pieces.
Fishman’s paintings from 2003 to the present continue her rich iconography of drug symbols while emitting colors and positive energies. Combined with the logo patterns of drugs, there are abstract patterns from EKG and EEG charts, molecular structures of drug components, computer components and the two helical chains of DNA.

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