Bina Baitel — Grimm


Drawing, installation, painting, mixed media

Bina Baitel

Past: May 31 → July 16, 2011

L MD Gallery is pleased to NextLevel Galerie to present Franco-Israeli-Swedish artist Bina Baitel’s latest work. From design to architecture, Bina Baitel cultivates experimentation, forward-looking innovation and simplicity in order to transform concepts into objects and into spaces.

Continuing along the lines of her work on the hybridization of everyday objects, architect-designer Bina Baitel presents the lamp-mirror entitled Grimm (2011). This work, in a production of eight limited-edition pieces, is in keeping with a study of the relationship between the refraction of light and the reflection of image. Grimm introduces us to an innovative interactive experience, one in which our image is reflected in a luminous projection embodied by a “drip” of mirror. Thus the surfaces of reflection are multiplied in a play of optical trajectories and luminous waves carried out among the curves of the lampshade, the reflective light bulb itself and the plane surface of the mirror.

Architect DPLG by training, she collaborates on numerous private and public architecture projects at the same time as continuing her research and creative activity as a designer. Since 2006 Bina Baitel has been pursuing her research of flexible matter and new materials. In 2008 her research was rewarded, with the Pull-Over floor lamp, which was the winning project of the Aides à la Création du VIA (support for creation granted by the Promotion of Innovation in Furniture). Pull-Over was then presented at numerous exhibitions, in particular the Milan Triennial and the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial.

In 2010, at a solo show at NextLevel Galerie in Paris, Bina Baitel presented her new collection entitled Skins. Her work arouses the interest of institutions, the art market, and the international specialized press. Introduced at the last Pavillon des Arts & Design in Paris, she is currently participating in the Métiers d’Art & Design show at the Ateliers de Paris.

Bina Baitel is Israeli-Swedish by origin, was born in Paris in 1977.

  • Opening Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 6 PM
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