Black & White


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Black & White

Past: January 11 → February 8, 2014

Magda Danysz gallery presents the exhibition Black and White in Paris.

YZ, JonOne and Nicolas Buffe show their black and white works. Although these three artists have different backgrounds and cultural inspirations, they have a similar vision of the past. With these only 2 minimalist colors, these three artists make us discover an amazing work full of poetry and delicacy.

Nicolas Buffe creates surprising drawings, using black and white a non-conventional way: he draws with chalk or with a white pen on black paper. His style is full with details, and very close to ornament and decoration. Mixing the past and the present in his work, his aesthetic and virtuose writing reminds the work of the renaissance Painters.

YZ works on black and white in another way, using all the grey nuances from black to white. In her Women from another century, she produces different grey washings, and she superposes them with 7 or 8 different layers. Like daguerreotype, her work seems intemporal.

JonOne’s black and white works reveal this graffitti legend’s calligrapher skills. Letters become full with rhythm, intensity and energy.

The Black and White exhibition shows three unique ways to use black and white, making contrasted, luminous and poetic works.

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