Body No/body


Sculpture, video

Body No/body

Past: May 14 → July 31, 2011

The group show Body No/body is a proposal by Bertrand Grimont and Samy da Silva, which explores parts of a territory and myth associated with certain representations of the human body in contemporary practices.
With a cycle of videos and visual pieces that reflect the body as assemblage, as a device where the imagination constructs signals and where the experience and the myth produce forms. Three main themes approached: interiority, imagination and the body itself as a receiver and transmitter signs.

Not seeking to “exhaust” neither the space of these themes, nor the gallery’s, the project aims to promote the specific vibration of the visual pieces in conjunction with those of video works, something in this subtle vibration of the air becomes conducive to a network. Where the stillness of the pieces hung or set on the floor induce an internal mobility, and where the moving images would generate a break, an inner quieteness. A territory opening on the imaginary where the very matter of the works gets activated in the visitor’s interiority, each time recombined, elementary and complex particles, both present and absent.

The gallery here becomes a body that responds to the presence of the works as a supportive environment that gives rise to forms of life, its cycles, its becomings, opulence and rarity, roots and canopies, to a constellation: the human body.

Samy da Silva
  • Opening Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 6 PM
Bertrand Grimont Gallery Gallery
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