Bu Hua, Sami à Pékin


Drawing, publishing, new media

Bu Hua, Sami à Pékin

Past: February 6 → March 30, 2016

For her first solo exhibition in Paris at the gallery A2Z, the Chinese artist Bu Hua presents a collection of graphic works as well as a video installation. The title of the exhibition, Sami in Beijing reflects the narrative work of the artist around her central character “Sami” who represents in itself the contemporary China.

The artist Bu Hua, whose work has been primarily developed in Asia after having studied in Europe, has millions of views on the Internet with art works that went viral. For the first time in France she offers us the essence of what made her success, a scripted analysis of the Chinese evolution, this giant that cannot be got around with the globalization, has deeply inscribed its development in the Western everyday life.

The style of the Bu Hua narrative figuration, tells us about a social realism, a context where concrete and fantastic environments that broadcast a subtle and bitter message stand alongside. The Sami’s character, surrounded by the richly detailed world shows us what the artist feels about the society that underwent a flash mutation in only a few decades. Having a perfect mastery of the graphical tool offered by the digital technology, Bu Hua has been registered in the scene of the artists who have absorbed the digital revolution not only in their productions but also in in their speech.


Born in China in 1973, she lives and works in Beijing. Bu Hua is a digital artist, a “digital native”. In 1995 she graduated from the Central Academy of Art and Design at Tsinghua University (Beijing) and then in 1998, she furthered her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in the University of Amsterdam. Bu Hua is a leading artist of the exhibition “Jelly Time” whose flash animation “Cat”, has become a classic of the genre-bender and won the animation award in China. Today, whether we speak about her digital graphic design, illustration, oil painting or animation, the unique artistic vocabulary and style have brought her a great fame.

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