Cabinet Da-End 06


Ceramic, drawing, installation, painting...

Cabinet Da-End 06

Past: March 19 → April 30, 2016

This spring, the Galerie Da-End presents its sixth contemporary cabinet of curiosities and entrusts about thirty artists with the irresistible yet uneasy task to translate the natural inclination of Love in every possible way.

Carolein smit   dood en het meisje death and the maiden 4 h 60cm 2014 bd medium
Carolein Smit, Death & the maiden, 2014 Ceramics — H : 60 cm Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Da-End, Paris

A driving sentiment for some, irrational instinct or perilous affliction for others, the notion of « Love » embraces a multitude of antagonistic positions per se. The tenderness of a parent holding his child, the fervor of the believer defending his idols, the nervousness of lovers about to meet, the pride of the patriot willing to sacrifice for his country, that of the idealist for his convictions, the burgeoning desire of early romantic exchanges, the passionate delirium of an erotomaniac person, the excitement of the collector adding a new piece to his private museum, the distress caused by a lost love, the madness of the jealous ready to kill to avenge a real or imagined offense : the faces that Love takes on are resolutely various.

Daend bw8x10014 medium
Daido Moriyama, Sans titre, 2012 Gelatin silver print Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Da-End, Paris

Since Antiquity, this multifaceted character has never stopped captivating the painters and poets, musicians and sculp- tors, playwrights and videographers for whom Love asserts itself as an endless repertoire of forms and subjects. nowadays still, the artists don’t seem to be able to stray from this haunting theme. By revealing common feelings, they invite us to look at the world and experience it through the singular vision they give of it. Which is why the Cabinet Da-End 06 will give them the opportunity to approach the infinite lands of the heart, both poetically or licentiously, romantically or upsettingly.

Sarah je ro me danae recevant la pluie d or 300x152cm 2015 medium
Sarah Jérôme, Danaé recevant la pluie d’or, 2015 Technique mixte sur papier calque — 300 × 152 cm Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Da-End, Paris
  • Opening Saturday, March 19, 2016 2 PM → 8 PM
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