Cabinet Da-End 04


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Cabinet Da-End 04

Past: March 20 → May 24, 2014

From the Renaissance to the end of the Baroque age, the European notables have constituted collections of precious and enigmatic objects produced by man or fruits of Nature, in the form of Cabinets of Curiosities.

For the fourth successive year, the Galerie Da-End revives the tradition of these « Rooms of Wonders » (Wunderkammern) by proposing a collective exhibition in which the works of contemporary artists converse with antique tribal sculptures. Much like the original cabinets of curiosities were reproductions of the world in miniature, the Cabinet Da-End IV indexes the numerous faces of today’s creation in the microcosm of the gallery space.

Cabinet da end iv lionel sabatt  medium
Lionel Sabatté, Cabinet Da-End Courtesy de l’artiste et la Galerie Da-End

Despite the extreme diversity of approaches, in all the showcased artworks survives the spirit of Memento Mori, which reminds us the irremediable end of all things. Recounting the progression of man, from birth to death, while evoking our internal struggles and profound beliefs, the Cabinet Da-End IV reflects the artist’s sometimes-worried lucidity concerning our condition. If the artworks of the exhibition underline our ability to challenge the passing of Time, they also lead the viewer to more intimate interrogations.

This year’s uncluttered Cabinet opens a door to the past, while truly being of its age. With a great technical virtuosity each in their field, the artists highlight the beauty or the decrepitude of beings and matters. This fragility of existence, as a common thread, travels through the works and is reinforced by the noteworthy use of glass, feathers or porcelain. Resonances of this theme can also be found in the paintings, drawings and digital artworks about body, childhood, pain, or in the photographic vanities.

Cabinet da end iv kim duong medium
Kim Duong, Cabinet Da-End Courtesy de l’artiste et la Galerie Da-End

The confrontation of these artworks sharpens curiosity, urges the visitor to discovery and takes him uncontrollably to dormant lands. Surprising links then appear, giving birth to a certain harmony in the middle of tumult. Within this contemporary cabinet with a universal atmosphere, the power of amazement, but also of bewilderment, remains intact.

  • Cabinet Da-End IV Opening Thursday, March 20, 2014 6 PM → 9 PM
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