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Caj Bremer

Past: October 27 → November 26, 2011

Exhibition of Caj Bremer at the Finnish Institute

Photographer Caj Bremer is one of the biggest names in post-war Finnish photojournalism. In this exhibition, the Finnish Institute in Paris presents the works of Bremer and his storytelling role as a photographer.

At the beginning of his career Caj Bremer (born in 1929 in Helsinki) was attracted to the tradition of humanistic photography, particularly popular in French photography as represented by the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Humanistic photography respects its subjects and often displays lyrical beauty despite the powerful presence of everyday realities.

Bremer has a precise and insightful eye. He is able to extract the essential into a seemingly simple image often characterised by a subtle sense of humour. Indeed, it is this humour that distinguishes Bremer’s photography from the mainstream.

In 2010, Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki presented a major retrospective exhibition of Caj Bremer. A selection of the works presented in that exhibition are now to be seen at The Finnish Institute in Paris. From cities to periphery, the exhibition presents the different aspects of Finland from the 1950’s to the1970’s.

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