Carole Rivalin — Travaux récents


Drawing, painting

Carole Rivalin
Travaux récents

Past: February 20 → April 3, 2021

Taking line and line as her starting point, Carole Rivalin deploys a series of works with variable geometry and changing perspectives (drawings, sculptures, installations) that bring into play both flat space and volume, surface and depth.

Fold and unfold, full and empty, white and colours (like those of the rainbow) respond rather than oppose each other. Thus, through their dialogue with light, the artist’s works offer infinite projections and other shadows, composing with the space — be it exhibition, architectural, urban, religious, natural, etc. — that is being exhibited. — whether exhibition, architectural, urban, religious, natural, etc. — in which they are inscribed and whose “vision” they renew.

Since Carole Rivalin’s arrival at the gallery in 2015, the emblematic series “Over the rainbow” has been particularly highlighted, notably to echo her in situ installation at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rennes. While these works will be presented in this exhibition, the focus will be on her latest and new “Voyage” series of works. Faced with the impossibility of travelling, Carole Rivalin has set up a series of drawings on geographical maps. A way of travelling on roads, paths, in the mountains, at sea and in rivers…
This series of drawings is presented as tapestries, decorative works whose primary meaning and function is forgotten. This sense which simply leads us to escape through shapes and colours.

This exhibition takes place in the Oniris — 40 Gallery, a space which, thanks to its decompartmentalized architecture, allows a more fluid dialogue between the works. The “Over the Rainbow”, “Gamme” and “Cartographie” series will be brought together in the same space in order to highlight the work on gesture, space and colour.

Cette exposition reçoit le soutien aux galeries / expositions du Centre National des Arts Plastiques

  • Opening Saturday, February 20, 2021 1:30 PM → 6 PM

    Rencontre avec l’artiste Carole Rivalin

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