Caroline Delieutraz — Stereo View


Installation, new media, photography, mixed media

Caroline Delieutraz
Stereo View

Past: May 15 → June 21, 2014

With her second solo exhibition at the gallery 22,48 m², Caroline Delieutraz continues to question the current state of images and their circulation. The artist presents a new display of a project she is been working on for several years now : Deux Visions, a work based on the photographs of La France of Raymond Depardon contrasted with images from Google Street View.

Oscillating between gravity and humour, the exhibition features as well the work Claire Blandin, where the artist tries to decipher the thwarting blandness often observed in the faces of switchboard operators. Faces clearly play an important role in this exhibition. Whether agressive or twinkling, they reveal a presence and an existence often unpredictable (Les Otages, video installation). The visitors may also experiment by using a specific blurring device on their own faces (Masques anti-regard).

As for the poster Video Club/A camcording event, it acts as a teaser, the program or the record of the evening of June 12, an event featuring a projection of arbitrary video recordings, themselves captured by the artist on Youtube — delightful dissemination at the expense of the image itself.

The need to capture images, to account for their material presence, to learn how to “read” them, might sometimes well derive from an anguish of loss. The longstanding practice of re-photographing or re-filming undergoes once again a shifting experience, this time driven by net-art and flux liquidity. And it is this small difference, this buzzing stereo presence, as much as the gap that divides our different visibility schemes, which Caroline Delieutraz sets out to explore.

During the exhibition : Video club/A camcording event Thursday 12/06/2014, 8:30 pm.

Benoît Buquet curator of the exhibition. Translation by Frank's
  • Opening Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 6 PM
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