Caroline Mesquita, The Ballad


Sculpture, mixed media, video

Caroline Mesquita, The Ballad

Past: January 24 → March 11, 2017

Caroline Mesquita’s sculptural practice intertwines the materiality of her altered, oxidized, and painted copper and brass sheets with theatrical playfulness. Her metallurgic experiments result in life-size figures, interacting with each other in a mise-en-scène crafted from the sculpted sheets and forming an environment of coated steel.

For the exhibition The Ballad at Foundation d’entreprise Ricard, Mesquita produced a series of sculpted characters dancing, loving, and facing both each other and the viewer as their presence blurs the line between fiction and reality, humans and mannequins. It is a procession, a form of public celebration, a moment of communion. In the videos featured in the exhibition, Mesquita appears alongside her sculptures and the interaction she creates pushes the limits and reinvents ways of living together.

A second opus of the project will open at 221A in Vancouver in April 2017.

Curated by Martha Kirszenbaum

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  • Caroline Mesquita