Carte blanche à Delphine Lecamp — Requine


Performance, photography, sculpture

Carte blanche à Delphine Lecamp

Past: March 28 → April 27, 2013

Françoise Privat offered me carte blanche at the Lili-Ubel gallery and I accepted with enthusiasm.

I have been working on two new creations designed to converse with each other. Requine, a monster of power, Take me, an almost sexual request, which I have decided to accompany with Naïv, a couple who do not understand each other and Fried eggs (by Sarah Lucas), a quotation in jest.

Who wants to come along with me?

I asked Helmut Grill — a Lili-Ubel gallery artist — to show two of his Rocketfish, who dialogue intimately with the violence of Requine and the humour of the eggs. He too swims from bottom to top, he too becomes weapon in order to exist. He chooses with pertinence, he repeats the motif without exhausting it, he hammers out the theme.

I have known Hsia Fei Chang for a long time, I like her approach, her delicacy, her impoliteness and the formal mastery of her work. I offered her a space, the time for a performance, whilst explaining my lines of work, and she responded affirmatively saying that she would sing an ode to her breasts — “Well what? When you don’t have balls you have tits!”. We thus put together, this time, a trio, with an interplay of mirrors, dialogues, harmony and stares both piercing and just.

Three individuals who make sense of their acts.

Delphine Lecamp

  • Opening Thursday, March 28, 2013 5 PM → 9 PM
Lili-Ubel gallery Gallery
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  • Hsia Fei Chang
  • Delphine Lecamp
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