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Cat Fenwick
L’Unité des opposés

Past: February 1 → 24, 2018

Composing materials of both natural and industrial origin, Cat Fenwick creates sculptures and installations that are characterized by their minimalist sensitivity with aesthetics inspired from vernacular constructions. She entertains insinuations of certain subtle manipulations. Her recent “handmade” research generates a fragility of constant unbalance, in contrast with the strength and sturdiness of the materials used.

Her assemblages are inspired by both existing and fictitious architectures, she reverses the codes of their purpose by questioning the continous dialogue between the sculpture and its surrounding place of exhibition. She constantly analyses and deciphers the roles and features of the materials she uses, putting their possibilities of attraction and repulsion to the test. Always on edge, the artist’s works are ready to switch from one state to another, at any given moment.

Often Cat Fenwick’s sculptures find themselves the protagonists of funny and quirky situations, detaching us from the seriousness of the exhibition space. This jeu d’espirit, sometimes verging on the absurd, is the symbol of a strong artistic gesture dedicated to a visual illusion.

Léo Bioret
  • Opening Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 6 PM
La Galerie Particulière Gallery
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