Champion Métadier — Capture


Drawing, photography

Champion Métadier

Past: November 19, 2011 → January 14, 2012

Champion Métadier has not stopped to surprise us. After the exhibition of Shellacs in 2008, the artist proposes a brand new series of photographs which attracts attention by its unusual character.

For several years Champion Métadier has been regularly taking photos with a basic photo camera, then she has been redrawing the content of her picture shots in order to position them between the boundaries of different interpretations.

The exhibition is entitled Capture. Capture conveys catching, seizing in its immediacy. Thanks to the new methods of production offered by digital technologies, Champion Métadier creates images which situate themselves between the real and the virtual worlds. She reworks her images through digital drawings and turns them into objects whose identities become blurred; she transforms and reconstructs their materiality.

The artist strives to rediscover the first capture, the momentary, moving vision, to somehow liberate ’’the captive’’ in order to create multiple meanings. She frees herself from the reality and conveys a sense of instability by using contrasts and extremely saturated colours. Champion Métadier offers us several paths into the field of the digitized image; she reveals the characteristic of her work inclination towards indefinable, ambiguous and complex expression.

The gallery will also present a new series of work on paper.

A personal exhibition of the artist will be shown in 2012 at the Modern Art Museum in St-Etienne, run by Lorand Hegyi.

  • Opening Saturday, November 19, 2011 3 PM → 8 PM
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