Charlotte Cornaton — Insomnio — Livres lumières de porcelaine



Charlotte Cornaton
Insomnio — Livres lumières de porcelaine

Past: November 6, 2014 → January 17, 2015

“_Insomnio_enlightening porcelain books is a compilation of porcelain sculpural books which explain the symbolism of my nightmares using Jung dream interpretation. The oniric world is a true cerebral storm and the fear of the uncousious is here materialized through the cracks and imperfections of the porcelain”.

Presented simply on patinated steel lecterns, lit by hidden LEDs, these porcelain books dedicated to the world of dreams illuminate and enligthen through their radiance and through heir meaning.

Each book was hand-made by Charlotte Cornaton in the famous historic workshops of Jingdezhen, China, during her two month artist residency from May to June 2014. The artist used the three main ancestral chinese techniques of incised porcelain: celadon glaze, a porcelain engraving skill; cobalt calligraphy, a porcelain painting method; cloisonné glaze, a drawing technique. Insomnio thus uses oriental know-how to express the artist’s western form of thought, incarnating the exchange and symbiosis of cultures.

  • Opening Thursday, November 6, 2014 6 PM → 10 PM
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