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Mixed media

Choices Paris
Galerie Karsten Greve

Past: May 29 → 31, 2015

Choices julien previeux galerie jousse entreprise 02 grid Choices Paris 2015 Pour cette seconde édition de Choices, quarante galeries s’associent pour proposer l’un des derniers temps forts de la saison artistique parisienne. Un week-end de présentation de solo shows dans toute la ville qui fait écho à la grande exposition organisée aux Beaux-Arts de Paris de ces artistes dont le commissariat est confié à Alfred Pacquement.

Galerie Karsten Greve presents for the exhibition ‘Choices 2015’ at the Beaux-Arts, a selection of works by one of the most renowned Japanese artists on the international art scene: Leiko Ikemura, born in 1951 in Tsu in Japan, who settled in Europe in 1972 and who lives and works in Germany. During her various residencies, Leiko Ikemura has acquired a sensitivity which comes from an internal conflict, between her two cultures, European and Asian.

The artist especially creates paintings, sculptures and different series of works on paper. She focuses her work on hybrid creatures in an atmospheric composition and an open and permeable context. The fusion and the contrasts between human beings and the plant / animal world, simplicity, complexity, expansion and stability, reflecting her existential interest for transitionary states and continuous change.

Leiko ikemura karsten greve medium
Leiko Ikemura Hero-study 2013 — Tempera et huile sur jute © Leiko Ikemura — Courtesy Galerie Karsten Greve Köln, Paris


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