Chourouk Hriech — Cirrus & Ice Melody


Drawing, installation

Chourouk Hriech
Cirrus & Ice Melody

Past: September 6 → October 9, 2010

Like a novice archaeologist, I apply myself to sounding out the layers of human con-struction and environment. “My eye catches a world of mater weaving it into a mat or a magic car-pet”. Narrative leads about distortions, assemblages and reconstruction of places and adventures, bring about drawings of architectural, urban, rural, maritime and imaginary landscapes, sorts of col-lections of volumes, like emblems of my mythographs. (Chourouk HREICH, exhibition “Soul to Soul Crac Sète February 2010”)

Composed of about 60 drawings, the Chourouk Hriech exhibition “Cirrus & Ice Melody” at the JGM. Galerie displays and offers several graphic approaches ranging from clear line drawing to complex compositions, from marker to India ink on paper, from volumes to wall drawings. The artist engages a back and forth exploration of various surfaces and tracing families.

Just like the principles of the Ying Yang, the black and white of her drawings are two original and opposed, yet complementary and inseparable, forces. In this sense, The Taoist master Chang Tseu said “Unity doesn’t exist in itself; it is duality that makes it visible”.

Cirrus and Ice Melody is the answer to the question “What moves more than the sky?” Cirrus clouds are the highest type of cloud, made out of ice, they create colored halos depending on the atmospheric conditions. Located in the troposphere, the lowest portion of the atmosphere, their shapes, their constitution and their physical evolution bear, for the artist, a metaphoric link with her approach to drawing. Through a long and slow practice, a constant reassessment, and a “dance of the line”, she digs for the mobility of sense, for polysemic devices and for poetry.

It is an open drawing trip in quest of the best ways to experience landscapes made of several faces, living, recomposed or not, hand in hand with the walls for the duration of one exhibit.

It is all about space, body, and length.*

*artist statement

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