Christian Bonnefoi — La visite — Hommage à Matisse


Collage, drawing, painting

Christian Bonnefoi
La visite — Hommage à Matisse

Past: January 22 → March 6, 2021

For this twelfth solo exhibition at the Oniris gallery, Christian Bonnefoi presents his latest works.

Christian Bonnefoi’s creations combine gesture and line, composition and lyricism, surface and depth. For him, the work becomes the place where the pictorial gesture and the space of painting intersect. His paintings on canvas or paper show interlacing lines and colours that do not seek to refer to an external world: everything happens on the plane of the painting.

For this monographic exhibition, the wall collages called “Ludos” occupy an important place. Often pinned, his collages are now glued on wood and are part of a more global composition. His collages enrich, develop and renew these problems: the cutting and superimposition of coloured areas, the inlaying of materials or the play of drawing — sometimes complementary, sometimes not — in relation to painting lead to an image that seems at the same time simpler, more immediate to read, and at the same time as enriched, the intensity of each of the elements being reinforced.

  • Christian Bonnefoi — Travaux récents Opening Friday, April 24, 2020 5 PM → 8 PM
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