Christine Maigne — In vitro


Mixed media

Christine Maigne
In vitro

Past: September 6 → October 31, 2014

It appears that in the beginning, there was only white. But over time, the soft layer is punctured and black growth emerges.

Christine Maigne’s work, are in vitro spaces where elementary cultures develope. Their nature and their futures are unknown. These developments take on the form of an emerging black series of dark weird pilosity, spots, hollows and bumps that invade space and feeds off white. Some of them are dense, others are more fragile.

This atmosphere, filled with short shoots, reveals a latent organic world. The vacuum is potentially a source of other developments. That is why some series are almost white; not an abstract monochrome white but a fertile white. More than just a static presence, the works reveal a phenomenon as it appears.

The forms’ ambivalence disturbs us. Tenuous and disappearing off in blur, they simultaneously appear visible and hard once they reach the glass surface. Their thick darkness is shameless. All in all, we can say that there is something a little provocative about Christine Maigne’s works. Indeed, there is a contrast between the silent appearance of her works and the deep reality that springs from them.

The eye is stimulated, the mind is amused. The work is just hair, blister, hole or black spots but these familiar forms without scale open us up to a wide range of constellations, to infinitely small structures or to our own body.

In Christine Maigne’s works, the natural is always questioned: these forms of universal growth reminds us our animalistic, the natural and the living. At the same time, this in vitro and achromic environment, where all these black elements materialise, seems to remind us that nature is a human concept whose limits could be pushed and pulled, over there.

  • Opening Saturday, September 6, 2014 6 PM → 9 PM
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