Circulation(s) — Festival européen dédié à la jeune photographie



Festival européen dédié à la jeune photographie

Past: February 22 → March 31, 2013

It is quite convenient nowadays for ambitious young people to become a renowned photographer. As for me, having visited museums, scoured galleries, having been subjected to too many readings of portfolios and having lost invaluable time in juries that reeked of cheating, I don’t have many more illusions about youth and in particular about its ability to renew the photographic scene. But at my age, a few moral considerations — let’s hope they’re the last ones — require that I deliver the lessons of a life dedicated to art and photography.

Success is at everybody’s reach. You just need to follow the advice I am going to state. But if you consider it as useless, if you believe that talent and work are enough for your art to be acknowledged then refer to the previous editions of “Circulation(s)” or without any doubt to those that will follow. You will find beautiful declarations of faith in youth, in its alleged virtues and its famous innate creation power.

For those who have not turned around and walked away, there are several ways to tackle the photography medium and you have to know them all.

First, you have to make a name for yourself among curators, conservators and critics. Invite them! Stop at no sign of seduction even if I must warn you again any display of tenderness towards this breed. It is not strictly forbidden for there is nothing despicable in showing a little bit of eagerness towards old fogeys. But these expressions of attachment, your affection, remain confidential. Give generously to all and let each of them —ah, the imbecile! — believe that he is the one: a curator likes nothing more than to believe he is the unique discoverer and that he is the only one who is loved. He knows himself to be infallible and dreads to miss burgeoning talents. Use subtlety when dealing with affection and guilt.

François Cheval, director of the Nicéphore Niépce museum "Instructions to young photographers eager for success"

De 11h à 17h du 22 février au 1er mars 2013, puis de 11h à 18h30 à partir du 2 mars 2013

  • Opening Saturday, February 23, 2013 3 PM → 8 PM

    Free shuttles from Porte Maillot to Bagatelle, every 10 minutes, beside the shuttle stop 244.

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The artists

  • Morgane Denzler
  • Carlos Ayesta & Guillaume Bression
  • Mindaugas Azusilis
  • Isabelle Blanc
  • Nolwenn Brod
  • Olivier Brossard
  • Jean Jacques Calbayrac
  • Sarah Carp
  • Joël Curtz
  • Julie David De Lossy & Colin Delfosse
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