Clair Obscur — Rencontre et projection vidéo avec Laurent Mareschal


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Clair Obscur
Rencontre et projection vidéo avec Laurent Mareschal

Past: Saturday, November 15, 2014 3 PM → 5 PM

Our primitive fears related to the night and the darkness are so strong that we seem having always sought to minimize them in time and in space. Laurent Mareschal,hosted for a residency in Synesthésie in 2014-2015, is interested in the question of this fight against the darkness. He asks himself which relationship we build with this night-time life. Is this relationship the same for everyone of us? How does it influence our everyday life? The artist invites the public to become involved in a particpative documentary process and to answer this question: what is your relationship with the darkness? The inability to see causes a temporary or permanent disability. Laurent Mareschal goes through this disability and questions people about their connection with the experience of the obscurity. In a society which is obsessed by images and where the daily environment is filled with visual signs which above all try to sell us something, what happens if one can’t see? What do we discover through our other senses? How can we consider life in this way? What do we do with this invisible part which nevertheless largely determines our life? How do we tame our sensations in the darkness? Thanks to the multiculturalism of the Seine-Saint-Denis, the artist meets and questions many different witnesses. Children, adults, elderly people, local people and night workers will speak about the relationship they develop with the darkness and night life and the way in which changes of perception appear when these people are drowned into the darkness. The multiplicity of the viewpoints and of approaches has a documentary significance and leads to a philosophical reflection on the darkness and the invisible. The artist proposes a sensory experience, and its transcription into words.

During Laurent Mareschal’s residency, Synesthésie will organize several meetings with the artist, in order to introduce his work and his background. At the meeting of the 15th of November, Laurent Mareschal will present to the public some videos and photographs and talk about his residency project. Synesthésie will also organize workshops of sensory expression in order to explore our changes of perception when we are drown into the darkness.

Laurent Mareschal leads a research work about complex situations and umbiguous notions. Where the language is powerless, art can propose an experience unveiling some common sense. Laurent Mareschal takes an interest in what is temporary, ephemeral, fragile and unstable. Depending on the aspects of his project, Laurent Mareschal uses sculpture, photography, video, installation or digital technologies.

  • Clair Obscur Meeting Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 3 PM

    Rencontre avec l’artiste à la Médiathèque Don Quichotte 120 avenue du Président Wilson 93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis — Entrée libre

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