Clément Rodzielski — Animes et magazines, peintures sur papier


Mixed media

Clément Rodzielski
Animes et magazines, peintures sur papier

Ends in 5 days: March 7 → April 11, 2020

Galerie chantal crousel 10 1 grid Interview Clément Rodzielski — Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris Discover in pictures the exhibition Clément Rodzielski, Animes & Magazines, at Chantal Crousel gallery, Paris.

Galerie Chantal Crousel is pleased to present the fourth solo exhibition of the artist Clément Rodzielski, from March 7 to April 2020. This exhibition includes two series of recent works created in New York where the artist is living since 2018.

The Anime Series Unknown is a series of paintings on hand-painted Japanese cartoon backgrounds from the 1980-1990s; the artist’s painting is then taking the very place left blank, and originally allocated to characters. The second series brings together paintings on magazines, diptychs in which the artist apposes his painting — produced eyes closed — next to a publicity on which a model poses, eyes shut. In both series of works, what is now visible is an inner life of the images.