Cœurs Vaillants — Une proposition de Damien Cadio



Cœurs Vaillants
Une proposition de Damien Cadio

Past: January 12 → February 16, 2013

At the same time as his personal exhibition in the art centre Micro Onde in Vélizy-Villacoublay, Damien Cadio is gathering works by eleven artists who have influenced his art, at Galerie Eva Hober. There are works by Eric Corne, Agnès Geoffray, Noritoshi Hirakawa, Youcef Korichi, David Lynch, Alex Pou, Eric Rondepierre, Matt Saunders, Stéphane Thidet, Kohei Yoshiyuki and Katharina Ziemke. Damien Cadio explains that he chose the pieces of art like an “idle collector” and that they have become what he calls “valiant hearts, a house of persistent images where one can live, find shelter and observe the world”. The exhibited works use different media — photography, video, lithography — but in the end, painting turns out to be the secret link that unites them all.

Damien Cadio says the following about his choice:

“I wanted an exhibition of pieces of art, a star-shaped exhibition. Cinema ad infinitum, landscapes of angels and magical men, canons, hands as eager as eyes, epileptic blind people, skeletal voyeurs… unalterable images. A form of wild art, works lost in a forest where the dark night of the soul manifests itself at the four cardinal points. They are works of which the dark part is more important than what is revealed. Works that are protected by grace and that are not afraid of outrage or beauty, sex or death. Works like a powerful form of existentialism, sharp like blade-images far from the raw light of a show. They are shadows in the shadow of the show. They are works that express the brink of night, the solar off-screen, the final in-between. They are solar muscles”.

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