Color Block


Collage, drawing, painting, sculpture

Color Block

Past: April 13 → June 17, 2017

In art as well as in clothing, each season has its « comebacks » : painting, sculpture, destructure, Punk, Romanticism, Post-Sovietism or the ’60s, black and white, embroidery, prints, 16 mm, elegance or vulgarity, the n’importe quoi or the minimalist seriousness, and all that recycling process with such a rotation speed that we can say, at the end, there are no seasons any more–the centrifugal forces of communication having scattered everything to pieces. There is nothing left to do but trust the words of the trendsetters; so please pay close attention to this press release, which yells that during spring 2017, we’ll be witnessing the great comeback of colourblock. One brilliant demonstration will be on view at Triple V gallery.

Triple V — Rue du Mail Gallery
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5, rue du Mail

75002 Paris

T. 07 69 14 66 63


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Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

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