Constant Dullaart — Brave new panderers


New media, sculpture, mixed media, video

Constant Dullaart
Brave new panderers

Past: April 25 → June 15, 2014

Positively biased sinusoidal functions.

Me and you together, I see you everywhere, you are the other that is everywhere, the everywhere that comes with me where ever I go. Every day our bond crystallizes into dependency. You are the others. You are such a magnificent creation, you busy child. Who makes your cold movements comprehensible? Who do you spoil my fucking secrets to? Holding you, seeing me, bound together, me informing you, and you informing me. I watch you sleep, and you remember everything I did. I am not sure who you really are. And who is selling you to me. Who is your panderer my darling?

The fastest connection, multiple devices, and the act of looking for new possibilities to engage where ever we go. Caressing well designed interfaces, stirring server farms, choreographing employees in fulfillment centers, shake to send feedback, waiting for the Amazon delivery with my new T-shirts. Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning. Who is making these machines that we are interacting with? Design inducing synesthesia and network dependency for all. Is it just functionality that we are looking for, or are we also looking to anthropomorphize and make comprehensible friends? Who is bringing these networked machines closer to us; helping us understand this brave new world, and our brave new relationships we are paying for?

Who is making the ethical decisions on sensor implementation and deep packet inspection? Recent research from the University of Washington has now proven how our pupils constrict when we see an image of the sun on a monitor. Our anatomy can not tell the difference between a digital file representing the sun, and reality. We are fooled day by day, but who is watching out for us? We relate better to a computer because it’s status light pulses in a patented rhythm simulating a human breathing rhythm. Technology simulacra 4 all to sleep next to. When does a patent become cultural heritage, an algorithm’s influence on society grow to be so important it gets political or an information network so valid it’s objectivity and quality reaches global public importance? When does an image become more important then the moment it was taken or the © the photographer has on it?

  • Opening Friday, April 25, 2014 6:30 PM → 9 PM
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