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Corinne Vezzoni & Associés

Past: November 25, 2016 → January 7, 2017

How can we use what is already here, what came before, what can be found nowhere else? How can we perpetuate traces of previous lives, heed the clues the site provides, incorporate the emotions it arouses, its singularity, its materiality? Each locality requires its own solution.

The exhibition at the Galerie d’Architecture is the fruit of specific facets of architecture, such as public buildings, urban planning and even mixed-development projects. It presents the choices and strategies architects adopt in order to create a work that will benefit all, whatever the context surrounding the project.

Marseille-based architects Corinne Vezzoni et Associés are part of a 21st-century French architectural production, that is centered around people, where the value of usage continues to inhabit the architects and their singular response.

Through a selection of projects, some built, some not, through different tools, some timeless, some modern, the agency manifests both its contribution to European architectural production in general and its own specificity: attention to contexts and territories, the legacy of the Mediterranean.

  • Opening Thursday, November 24, 2016 6:30 PM → 9 PM
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