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Cro&Co Architecture
Sens Dessus Dessous

Past: May 21 → June 15, 2019

Upside Down

As accustomed to aerialist feats as deep reflection, Cro&Co Architecture invites you to take to the heights and look at the process behind the project, consider the subject behind the object, and divine the intention as well as the resolution. This is the aim of “Upside Down”, an exhibition at the Galerie d’Architecture in Paris, from May 21st.

Simultaneous projections on three large screens will present the firm’s three guiding concepts, their incarnations — Trinity Tower and the rehabilitated CNIT and Carré Michelet buildings at La Défense, the Circé parking garage, new laboratories for INRA, housing programs in Chartres and Montpellier — and their underlying spatial and parametric analyses and intentions. Cro&Co’s stereoscopic vision reflects the dynamism of a firm that encourages reciprocity through the dialogue between Cro&Co Architecture and CroMe Studio, its prospective satellite and reflective counterpart. And, in just a blink of the eye, these two ocular images coalesce to reveal the amazing dexterity with which Cro&Co approaches a piece of ground, its activation or its absence, to create projects that, above as below, promote a vision of the city emancipated from down-to-earth conceptions.

Cro&Co Architecture is a team of 15 architects and technicians with complementary skills, structured around the two partners, Jean‑Luc Crochon, architect, amateur musician and the firm’s founder, and Nayla Mecattaf, architect, former partner at RPBW and now head of CroMe Studio. The firm creates projects of widely different types: whether functional or emotional, they are all distillates of the city and precipitates of fiction, with metamorphoses guaranteed.


Cro & Co Architecture

La Galerie d’Architecture

  • Opening Thursday, May 23, 2019 6:30 PM → 9 PM
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