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Cyril Hatt & Bertrand Planes

Past: January 8 → February 26, 2011

The world is filled with objects of desire that quickly vanish before our eyes. Eaten away by the banality of use, they become transparent. Consumer goods embeded in the everyday life, they pass from one state to the other before being discarded. Their loud presence dwindles into a white noise.

Examining the world, Cyrill Hatt and Bertrand Planes select a few these objects with great care and submit them to a double process. Through the image, each of these volumes is initially deconstructed. Cyrill Hatt captures all the facets of the chosen object, each of those is contained within a standard format photograph. Fragmented, the object explodes and disappears. Bertrand Planes captures the volume surface and stores the colours, textures and the ruggedness brought by time. Once captured in its entirety, the surface is then covered with white, bringing to the material a neutrality that it did note have.

Second movement and return to unity: the fragmented photographs are rearranged to reconstruct the initial volume, seamed a the edges by staples. Cyrill Hatt’s sculptures are rugged and distorted enough to put aside any idea of ’trompe l’oeil’, of illusionism, what remains here is an evocation of the object raised to subjecthood. Bertrand Planes gives to its volumes the opportunity to reclaim their original surface. Covered with a photosensitive coating on which is projected their own image previously captured, they thus become their own recipient.

Nor quite the same, or quite other, the objects lose in materiality what they earn in evocation. The latent images can appear and the tangible reality can withdraw, the works of Cyril Hatt and Bertrand Planes are built from these transmutations.

Claire Taillandier, translation by Samy Da Silva
  • Opening Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 6 PM
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