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David Lynch
Small Stories

Past: January 15 → March 16, 2014

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As well as being a famous filmmaker, David Lynch is an artist, designer and musician.

The Maison Européenne de la Photographie gave him carte blanche for an exhibition, and the result is Small Stories, focusing on about 40 black and white photographs made specially for the show.

These are dreamlike, unsettling, powerful images in which we find recurring motifs from the world of David Lynch.

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David Lynch, David Lynch, 0 Photography Richard Dumas

« Still images can contain stories. Mostly, still images contain small stories. And, as it happens, sometimes there are interesting stories that are small. Small stories take place during a very short period of time. However, the mind and emotions can become engaged by looking at a still image, and small stories can grow into huge stories. It depends, of course, on the viewer. It’s almost impossible not to find some kind of story emerging from a still image. This, I think, is a beautiful phenomenon. »

David Lynch

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