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Cabinet de dessins contemporains

Past: March 24 → 26, 2017

A major event during Drawing Week in Paris, the fifth edition of DDESSIN {17}, will take place under the glass roof of the 700 square meter Atelier Richelieu, located in the heart of the French capital.


This anniversary edition of the fair will confirm its importance as a springboard and bridge for young artists as well as more established ones, all of them makers of works on paper in France and abroad. DDESSIN {17} remains faithful to its mission of supporting and promoting drawing as an art form. A key partner to the art world, DDESSIN {17} will once again offer professionals, collectors and art lovers a chance to discover new work in a congenial setting.

Cyrielle%20gulacsy glace%20italienne medium
Cyrielle Gulacsy, Glace italienne, 2015 — Fusain, mine de plomb, pierre noire — 120 x 80 cm Courtesy de l’artiste


3 solo shows

Harold Guérin, from La Marne, France, will show a series of drawings made on sheets of sandpaper. The artist carefully scratches away at this rough material to reveal clouds of dust from photographs of urban destruction around the world. Cyrielle Gulacsy, who lives in Paris, will make site-specific works on the subject of outer space, in particular the lunar modules and capsules used during Apollo missions. His drawings will be presented as totems: revered mystical objects that have come back to us from outer space. Brigitte Lurton, who lives in Mougins, France, will present her sensitive work on human questions, drawn in ink on long rolls of tracing paper.

Lucas%20weinachter cache%20toi%20%233 medium
Lucas Weinachter, Cache toi #3, 2016 — Crayons de couleur, acrylique, fils de coton sur papier japon — 48 x 43 cm Courtesy (S)ITOR Curating differently


The Illustrators’ Corner: five artists

The artist Philippe Caillaud, from La Vendée in France, will transport us to his absurd and marvelous fantasy world, while Popy-Loly de Monteysson, from Chambourcy, will show a wall installation composed of 110 drawings made with a blue ballpoint pen. The young artist Margot Denvers, who lives in the Hauts-de-Seine department, has Brazilian roots and takes the quest for identity as her theme in a ballpoint-pen work focusing on Brazil, a country whose culture and joie de vivre she particularly appreciates. Clémence Monnet, based in the Essonne department, will share her poetic attempts to connect words and images in drawings with dreamlike figures that reappear in different works, creating a sort of episodic story. Anne Touquet, who lives in Montreuil, will create a universe in which mental landscapes and real and fictive spaces are constantly inverted.

Francois%20andes medium
François Andes, Les préparatifs, 2014 — Graphite sur papier — Dix dessins : 75 x 80 cm par dessin : 375 x 160 cm Courtesy Matthieu Démarré


Program :

  • DDESSIN — Programmation de films Screening March 24 → 26

    For its anniversary edition, DDESSINPARIS will present a series of short films in the presence of the artists and directors, as well as a film for young people made by the Centre Pompidou, all of them focusing on drawing. Three of the artists participating in the fair will be seen in the films: Sandra Krasker (Gallery KO21), Dan Miller (Creative Growth Art Center) and Sascha Nordmeyer (Galerie Gratadou-Intuiti).

  • DDESSIN — Remise de prix Event Saturday, March 25 at 3 PM

    Two prizes will be awarded this year by a jury composed of professionals from the world of art and culture and other personalities. The jury will be presided over by Alain Quemin, sociologist and specialist in contemporary art.

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Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre

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Vendredi 24 mars de 11h à 19h Samedi 25 mars de 11h à 20h Dimanche 26 mars de 11h à 19h

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