Delacroix, des fleurs en hiver — Jean-Michel Othoniel, Johan Creten



Delacroix, des fleurs en hiver
Jean-Michel Othoniel, Johan Creten

Past: December 12, 2012 → March 18, 2013

Creten 2 grid Entretien — Johan Creten Trois ans après son exposition "Continent noir", le Flamand Johan Creten revient au musée Delacroix ainsi qu'à la galerie Perrotin, entouré de ses sculptures abstraites à l’aspect si lisse qu’un liquide semble les recouvrir et couler d’elles.

Organized to celebrate the renovation of its garden, this exhibition at the Musée Delacroix brings together for the first time, under the ironic title “Flowers in Winter,” the artist’s major paintings of flowers and his loveliest watercolors on this theme, thanks to loans granted for this occasion by French and foreign museums. As a counterpoint, the exhibition also features works by two contemporary artists, Jean-Michel Othoniel and Johan Creten, thus illustrating the continuing prominence of floral subjects as a source of inspiration, in the nineteenth as in the twenty-first century, for three creative trailblazers very much of their time.

Musée Eugène Delacroix Museum
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Opening hours

Every day except Tuesday, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Tickets sold until 4:30 pm

Admission fee

Full rate €7.00

Billet jumelé Louvre – Delacroix valable toute la journée : 15 €

The artists

  • Johan Creten
  • Jean-Michel Othoniel