Des lignes de désir — Exposition félicités 2023


Mixed media

Des lignes de désir
Exposition félicités 2023

Past: January 24 → March 17, 2024

Des lignes de désir presents the twenty-eight artists who graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris with a Diplôme National Supérieur d’Arts Plastiques and a Congratulations from the Jury in 2023.

The exhibition, curated by Emilie Villez, reflects the diversity of the artistic proposals that have emerged from the School. Paintings, sculptures, installations and videos coexist with performance and publishing practices, presented through a weekly programme.

Lines of desire, also known as paths of free will, are gentle challenges to the system, traced out in the landscape by the erosion of humans or animals as they walk. Criticism of the excesses of modernity is a subtext for the artists presented.

Getting off the beaten track, while finding one’s place in the art ecosystem: the aim of the exhibition is above all to present the public with a panorama of contemporary artistic practices, opening up avenues of resonance and reflection on art and the world today.

Events will be held every week, with details of the programme to follow on

To coincide with the opening on 23 January, Rose Bourdon will be presenting an inaugural performance: DIPLÔMÉ.ES is a collective play in which five École Centrale Paris students play the first-person roles of alumni whose lives and testimonies have been collected during telephone calls over the past few months. The actors each wear an ’alloro trionfale’ laurel wreath that distinguishes them from the rest of the audience, a popular symbol of the graduation rite. The testimonies are documented and archived in an edition produced by Margot Bernard.

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13, quai Malaquais

75006 Paris

T. 01 47 03 50 00

Louvre – Rivoli
Rue du Bac

Opening hours

Tuesday & Wednesday, Friday – Sunday, 1 PM – 7 PM
Thursday, 1 PM – 9 PM

Admission fee

Full rate €10.00 — Concessions €2.00

Billetterie responsable 2, 5 ou 10 euros, c’est vous qui choisissez !

The artists

  • Valentin Ranger
  • Rose Bourdon
  • Louis Lanne
  • Marc Lohner
  • Sofia Salazar Rosales
  • Carl Amiard
  • Raphaëlle Benzimra
  • Joséphine Berthou
  • Thomas Besset
  • Marion Chaillou
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