Désapprentissage #1 — Chœur in situ // Atelier avec Natacha Muslera


Performance, poetry, sound - music

Désapprentissage #1
Chœur in situ // Atelier avec Natacha Muslera

Past: Friday, October 21, 2016 3 PM → 6:30 PM

Frequently monolithic and conservative (whether religious or military, blank voiced, occitan or experimental), the choir appears as a homogenous, listless mass, harnessed to the will of its conductor.
During this workshop, we will try to expreiment with ways of awakening the choir from its automatisms, open up its cracks so as to breathe in an unforeseen emancipatory potential. We will invent new types of choir and with them new languages.

In the first part of the workshop Natacha Muslera will present certain therapeutic techniques (circular breathing, oxygenation of the body, massage…) associated with choral exercises designed to stimulate listening and open the vocal apparatus, fostering states of receptivity that will enable our multiple voices ― noisy, sung, animal, machinic, vegetable, ancestral, mutant, vibrational, liminal, wave-like — to reveal themselves.

Then the choir will become a limitless field of play, a healing zone, a semantic machine to be reinvented through song and sound languages, liberating the voices within the voice.

The choir is a common vibration operating at different rhythms through which each singular voice can be perceived. Both in and beyond itself, it can accommodate every kind of material. Polyphonic and polysemic it is an ephemeral community, a resonant, dissonant space of exploded, reinvented languages.
………. wind choir, schizochoir, choir of thresholds, blind, incantatory cosmic.


For 20 years the voice has been Natacha Muslera’s principal object and instrument of research. Her work is situated between the fields of experimental music, sound poetry and visual art. During the 1990s, she composed, decomposed, wrote and performed electroorganic songs and poems within a number of groups and sonic and theoretical platforms. Since 2000, she has been a practitioner of free improvisation and noise music, parallel to which she has taught voice, both for song and therapeutically, in different institutional contexts. As well as composing sound works and audio poems, she currently collaborates with eRikm (Cartouche) and Cecile Duval (En pleine figure). In 2013, she founded the chœur TAC-TIL, a mixed, partly unseeing choir for which she has conceived, in collaboration with GMEM-CNCM Marseille, a new tool for composition, transmission and interpretation that uses touch and hearing without visual support.

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Furthermore, during their residency at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson attended the International Mother Language Day organized by the City of Aubervilliers in February 2016. From what they recorded that day, they realized a sound piece, Lullabye to Language, currently broadcasted by radio DUUU* [Unités Radiophoniques Mobiles].


This workshop is open to all.
As the number of participants is limited to 10,
quick reservation is advised
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  • Natacha Muslera