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Past: November 1 → 30, 2019

The Spirit of Place1

“The terms ‘place’ and ‘space’ are different words because place more expressly indicates situation, rather than size or form.”

Descartes, Principles of Philosophy, 1644


Whether the goal is to create, transform or restore, the process begins with a detailed analysis of the place, its history, its evolution, in order to understand its raison d’être and evaluate its potential in the light of contemporary challenges.

Every project is conceived with respect to its natural and cultural setting, and in relation to the dialogue that will be established. Much is at stake, from a cultural point of view, as well as from an ecological and economic perspective. The question is how can a place be transformed so it becomes livable, so it comes to life, while ensuring what is created remains contemporary ?

On the cultural level, this means making the most of our predecessors’ reflections, passing on their ideas and valorizing the fruits of their inspiration. On the environmental level, embracing what already exists as raw material enables us to minimize demolition and construction, reduce their impact, and favor reuse and recycling. On the economic level, this approach allows us to reduce the costs of demolition and construction, and move towards a sustainable economy mindset.

The Spirit of Place2 exhibition, at La Galerie d’Architecture, brings together a selection of projects and buildings illustrating this approach, most notably:

  • Transformation of the National Stud of Annecy (Historic Monument) into the Cité du Cinéma d’Animation
  • Restoration of Mont Salève’s cable car stations in the Geneva-Annemasse conurbation (Historic Monument, Natura 2000 site)
  • A selection of public reception areas for the Center for National Monuments
  • Restoration of Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici’s Villa E1027 and Le Corbusier’s buildings at Cap Martin (Historic Monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • The Alb’Oru cultural center in Bastia (National Agency for Urban Renovation program)
  • Maison D
  • Maison M (Grand Prix du Jury Archinovo, Palmares Technal)

Following the example of the agency’s Workshops, where each ‘shared’ project is produced collectively as the fruit of analyses, reflections, debates and propositions brought into synergy, a series of round table discussions will examine issues relating to the creation, transformation and restoration of the existing, while presenting the agency’s approach to these issues.

1 Space that a body occupies. All bodies occupy a place, fill a place, are in a place.

2 L’esprit des lieux

  • Opening Tuesday, November 5, 2019 6:30 PM → 9 PM
  • Table ronde : — Restauration, transformation, création Meeting Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 6:30 PM

    Restauration, transformation, création
    avec Jean-Philippe Hugron (le Courrier de l’Architecte),
    Jean-Jacques Larrochelle (le Monde),
    Pierre Hebbelinck (AAPH architecte),
    Claudia devaux, David Devaux (DDA-Devaux & Devaux architectes)

    RSVP :

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