Fadia Haddad — Dialogue des masques



Fadia Haddad
Dialogue des masques

Past: October 11 → November 12, 2011

Painting, trace of a poetic reality parallel to this world, a troubling quest for the essential great signs which are at once its truth and that of the Universe, possesses me.

For a long time the theme of birds has haunted my work.

Today and always masks leap out at us, speak to us of another realm, distant ancestors, driftwood gods, they carry our history.

One is the origin, encircled, imprisoned in space, the other profane.
One is plentitude the other emptiness. Sometimes they are everything.
In raw or nuanced color, lead by the hand and the spirit, I search for the mystery buried in their millennial force. Faraway pigments, mixed together, intermingled, allowing time to pass, the large and direct path, then broken apart, the way branching off into more and more subtle ramifications.

To speak of a timeless world, to exceed my dreams and surprise myself.

Fadia Haddad

  • Opening Monday, October 10, 2011 at 7 PM
Taïss Gallery Gallery
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  • Fadia Haddad