Didier Mencoboni — Épisode X : Génération ...Etc...


Drawing, photography, sculpture

Didier Mencoboni
Épisode X : Génération ...Etc...

Past: December 7, 2013 → February 22, 2014

This tenth episode held at Galerie Eric Dupont is an exhibition which resembles a story where the main character is absent. All of the works presented in the showed are an emanation of the central work entitled …Etc…, a painting consisting of 2132 existing paintings to date. In this exhibition, none of the paintings appear in their entirety, only a selection of the avatars initiated by this pictorial project, over the years. The exhibition presents a range of works from some which focus on the most material aspects of painting to others which emphasize the immateriality of its reproduction.

For the first time, Mencoboni presents photographs, in particular those of pictorial matter salvaged from the drain of his sink. These are the scraps of …Etc… which didn’t make it to the canvas. Frozen via photography in a composition which enhances their charater, the remnants of …Etc… take on a new meaning here, thus acquiring a new status.

In order to enrich these proposals, a new territory — the digital one this time — will complete the work. Using the series …Etc… as a departure point, Mencoboni extracted and took an inventory of thousands of elements, creating a gigantic database. Following the analysis and manipulation of this data, using software designed specifically for this project, we are confronted with the following result : a production of images which extends beyond the physical action of the artist. This image-producing device posseses an autonomy ensuring the capacity to autogenerate, with the aim of creating an unlimited number of images of painting.

The gallery will be closed from January 14th to January 25th 2014.

  • Opening Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 3 PM
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