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Dietrich — Untertrifaller Architectes

Finishes tomorrow: January 28 → February 22, 2020

Awareness and respect for people, sites, history and the mutability of our world, light and landscape, weather and gardens are the foundation of Dietrich Untertrifaller’s conception.

Everything built is only taking part in it. Like to step into the Open, for to partake in the infinite play of light with nature and landscape, so Dietrich — Untertrifaller open their buildings to expose its surfaces and materials like canvases to the light. This awareness is the basis of every design. Only if the right intonation is found in the context of the site, only if views and landscape are acknowledged, only if light and material have reached their full fruition, function, structure and creative order are condensed to a continuous and self-evident logic.

The exhibition explores architectural spaces in the most comprehensive way via the path of perception. In a critical reception, it investigates the oeuvre of the architects about a new aesthetic and the phenomenon of atmosphere.