Dieudonné Cartier et collaborateurs — The Office of Gravitational Documents #Fax


Drawing, installation, performance, mixed media

Dieudonné Cartier et collaborateurs
The Office of Gravitational Documents #Fax

Past: March 12 → 25, 2015

Dieudonné Cartier is researching questions relating to the archive, the apparatus, the notion of signature and the status of the document in the field of art. He has created exhibitions of atypical formats, where the goal is to make public the reflexions that gravitate around a work of art. The gallery invites him to install his office of archives dedicated to gravitational documents that more than forty artists will send to him during gallery hours.

This project takes the shape of a process that implements the simultaneous realisation of an exhibition, its archive and the fabrication of a publication. Upon reception, each fax is validated by a stamp, numbered, photocopied and stored in a mural file dedicated to each artist.

The visitor can consult the integrality of the transmission made by each person by referring to the nominative insert inside the file of the archival office that holds the photocopied faxes. Each participant can thus play on a seriality or complementarity between sent documents. Dieudonné cartier also reserves himself the possibility to integrate his own reflexions in fluctuant this body of work.

The exhibition grows in the rhythm of daily transmissions. A closing will launch the publication that collects the sent documents and forms the archive of the different artistic proposals united by this protocol.



Dieudonné Cartier questions the various principles of production, reproduction and distribution of artworks through publications, multiples or installations linked to notions of documentation and publishing. He thus proposes to reinterpret the aura and to modify the status of an artwork. In 2014 he creates the project The Office of Gravitational Documents. In the shape of a research office, this apparatus aims to unite through the notion of an address and under multitude forms the elements that build the archive of processes and protocols of creations.

  • Opening Thursday, March 12, 2015 5 PM → 9 PM
  • Closing Wednesday, March 25, 2015 5 PM → 9 PM
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