Dimanche Rouge — Estonia, Finland, France



Dimanche Rouge
Estonia, Finland, France

Past: Sunday, October 20, 2013 5 PM → 8 PM

The program of Dimanche Rouge festival will feature experimental performances in disciplines including performance art, audiovisual, multimedia, dance and sound art.

The festival will bring together over 100 established and emerging artists from 26 countries to propose an in-depth look into contemporary performance. The event will open in Tallinn, Estonia, continue on in Finland for the remaining of the program, and end with a dual event in Helsinki and Paris.

In addition to the performances, participating artists will hold roundtable discussions and talks throughout the festival.

The festival will be held at a range of venues including national museums, artist-run spaces and various site-specific locations.

  • Jean-Christophe Petit : performance art, France, 20’
  • Andrus Joonas : performance art, Estonia, 20’
  • Arianne Foks : performance art, France, 20’
  • Sabotanic Garden : performance art/sound, Finland, 30’
  • Erik Alalooga : performance art/hardcore choreography, Estonia, 30’

Dimanche Rouge is a Paris-based, non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of experimental and live art.

Le Générateur Art center
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94 Val-de-Marne Zoom in 94 Val-de-Marne Zoom out

16, rue Charles Frérot

94250 Gentilly

T. 01 46 86 99 14


Place d'Itale
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The artists

  • Ali Al Fatlawi & Wathiq Al Ameri
  • Amelia Beavis Harrison
  • Andrea Saemann
  • Andres Montes
  • Andrus Joonas
  • Arianne Foks
  • Belinda Campbell
  • Corporal Outis
  • David Commander
  • Eniko Buday & András J.Nagy
And 44 others…