Drawing Now Paris 2011 — Galeries françaises



Drawing Now Paris 2011
Galeries françaises

Past: March 25 → 28, 2011

AD Gallery, Béziers

AD gallery presents Hervé Di Rosa’s one-man show with a new series of drawings especially created for this edition as well as historic drawings.

Herv  di rosa diromobile acrylique sur papier  50 x 130 cm dyptique  courtesy ad galerie medium
Hervé Di Rosa, Diromobile, 0 Acrylique sur papier — Dyptique, 50 × 130 cm Courtesy AD Galerie

AL/MA Gallery, Montpellier

Since 2002, the Gallery AL/MA presents works in different media (painting, volume or video) favouring abstraction. In his solo exhibition, Didier Demozay proposes a set of drawings, each consisting of a few marks, either dry lines drawn with a pencil or wide and colorful painted gestures recording a shape — often an angle or a square. With their repetitive and parallel lines, Eve Gramatzki’s drawings initiate a reflection on the notion of duration; while Janós Ber’s drawing exploits the idea of disappearance, the erasure of the line. Vladimir Skoda’s work on paper resumes his sculptor’s constant questioning around the sphere. Olivier Fillipi presents felt pen drawings, interrupted lines, too broad for the sheet of paper out which they burst. The selection of artists presented here extends the reflection led by Gallery AL/MA on the capacity of the drawing to produce meaning, without relying on a narrative or a representation of the real.

Hervé Bize Gallery, Nancy

Bernard Borgeaud is well-known for his photography work. That will be the first time his researches (oil on paper) will be presented in Paris.

Marco godinho le monde du 01.01.2009  2010 graphite sur papier  55 x 40 cm   courtesy galerie herv  bize  nancy medium
Marco Godinho, Le Monde du 01.01.2009, 0 Graphite sur papier — 55 × 40 cm Courtesy galerie Hervé Bize

Bonneau-Samames Gallery, Marseille

The gallery presents Luke Painter’s drawings.

Two towers medium
Luke Painter, Two towers, 0 Courtesy galerie Bonneau-Samames

La Navire Gallery, Brest

The gallery presents Najia Mehadji and Mark Brusse.

Najia mehadji volute  2010 gouache sur papier  120 x 160 cm   courtesy galerie la navire medium
Najia Mehadji, Volute, 2010 Gouache sur papier — 120 × 160 cm Courtesy galerie La Navire

MAM Gallery, Rouen

Implanted in Rouen, the MAM Gallery develops its work in two complementary directions: reveal and support emergent artists and accompany artists confirmed on specific projects.

Oniris Gallery, Rennes

The gallery presents Norman Dilworth, Vera Molnar, Aurélie Nemours, Yves Popet and Marie-Thétèse Vacossin.

Norman dilworth white overlap  1966 gouache et crayon sur papier  51 x 56 cm   courtesy galerie oniris   rennes medium
Norman Dilworth, White Overlap, 1966 Gouache et crayon su papier — 51 × 56 cm Courtesy galerie Oniris

And the galleries: Françoise Besson, Lyon, Espace à Vendre & Le Cabinet, Nice, Catherine Issert, Saint Paul and Dukan & Hourdequin gallery, Marseille.

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