Drawing Now Paris 2011 — Jeunes galeries



Drawing Now Paris 2011
Jeunes galeries

Past: March 25 → 28, 2011

L MD gallery, Paris

Kristinabength withincutsand bends 2010 5 medium
Kristina Bength, Within Cuts and Bends-5, 2011 Watercolor on paper — 62 × 61,5 cm Courtesy galerie L MD

GZ gallerie, Paris

Mehdi zeer exemple de compression. point noir dessin 24 x 32 cm   encre medium
Mehdi Zeer, Example of compresion, 0 Point Noir, Dessin, 24 x 32 cm Courtesy galerie GZ

Alberta Pane gallery, Paris

Alberta Pane gallery energetically supports contemporary art and artists who use differents mediums. The two artists presented for Drawing Now Paris are Florence Girardeau in a one-man-show with a series of abstract drawings playing with continuity and discontinuity, detail and whole, expectation and shifts. João Vilhena through his curious and absurd drawings, looks to call out to the observer, by utilizing the same genre of trompe-l’œil and by the choice of titles used in communication with the works.

Florence girardeau medium
Florence Girardeau, Sans titre, 2010 Graphite et feutre fin — 15 × 20 cm Courtesy galerie Alberta Pane

Bertrand Grimont gallery, Paris


Patrick Bernatchez’s works, by their hybrid form, cause confusion. Specially interested by the notion of cycle, the artist’s develops a concept — here the metamorphosis — through as different series as differents mediums.

Patrick bernatchez medium
Patrick Bernatchez, Chrysalide 21, 2009 Mine de plomb sur papier — 20 × 25 cm Courtesy galerie Bertrand Grimont

Van Der Stegen gallery

F e6cb7e8abd54b1f440787fe2d39126184d306f687d301 original medium
Marine Pagès, Route II, 2009 Crayon sur papier — 42 × 65 cm

Allyson Mellberg was born in 1977 and lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. She makes drawings, paintings, silk screens, and etchings of beautifully deformed and yet playful characters who carry a proud demeanor in their abnormalities. Furry creatures climb on the heads of women and wrap their tails around mustachioed boys. Her work is inspired by the daily misuse of chemicals in our society and in keeping with her awarness uses nontoxic and often homemade materials such as walnut ink and egg tempera.

Parasiteplanetweb medium
Allyson Mellberg, Parasite Planet, 0

And the galleries: Ladiray Londres, Caroline Vachet, Lyon and Guest Room / contemporary Art, Bruxelles, and Marie Cini, Paris.

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