Easy Living


Collage, installation, painting, sculpture...

Easy Living

Past: September 29 → November 10, 2012

The life of an artwork is often unpredictable. It can be exuberant or modest, changing according to moods, different lighting and modes of displays.

For Easy Living, the artworks lay down their hats and set up home at Less Is More Projects. They settle in, deciding to sleep in the living room testing the limits of what we can endure in everyday life. Tenacious, decorative and voluminous, these pieces won’t stay discreet or apart. There are new relationships and negotiations to be made between the two occupants and their new “ flat mates ” in this half gallery, half collector’s apartment space.

With Laura Aldridge, James Clarkson, Nick Evans, Mick Peter, Owen Piper and Zoe Williams

Curated by Jocelyn Villemont & Camille Le Houezec

11 Bastille Zoom in 11 Bastille Zoom out

198, boulevard Voltaire

75011 Paris

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Reuilly – Diderot

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