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Edith Bories

Past: September 12 → October 18, 2014

“The flash lights the obscured advancing steps in the humid darkness. The images that are recoded instantly in the body of the camera interrupt the gaze and release their energy at a later date, once they are submerged in the blackness of the darkroom.

I often say that my work stems from daily observations. As if the places that I inhabit, certain details, feelings, have been cracked open, of which I remove a section that will be shown.

The photographs that I take don’t originate completely in daily life, and generally are made during my travels. The eye is constantly stimulated by voyages that bring me to unknown places.

First glances and new sensations compell me to take up the camera and make a few photographs. The image that I believe to have made settles first in my memory before being transformed by what will happen next: the developed image, that which comes from the negative which froze my recollection and with it those first moments in a new place.

This way of working led me to select a series of fifteen photographs entitled Crossings that interrupts the view of things seen for the first time.

I enter the cave. I love the silence there. I dont want to create any sound resonance. Darkness governs the place gradually and in proportion to its advance. With my camera, I am guided by my flash used to make the pictures. In this way I immerse myself in the visit.

By outlining the different photographic phases, which in some way erase themselves to make room for the next, I understand the importance of their layering.

I envision working on the round gallery wall, transforming the space into a pinhole camera, making a photograph with analog processes. The photograph will cover the wall, drawing attention to itself, questioning its own uniqueness and as a result causing the deformation of the image."

After a two month residence in Dusseldorf in 2010, Edith Bories has lived between Toulouse and Dusseldorf, where she is exhibited widely in Germany. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts School of Toulouse in 2009, she has also studied at the Kunstacadamie of Dusseldorf with Marcel Odenbach.

Edith Bories, August 2014
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