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Architecture, urban art, photography, mixed media

Edouard François
Au 2ème

Past: March 19 → April 30, 2011

The Paris’ “PLU”, is a public document, available on the internet, which rules urbanism and defines zones in deficit of social housing. The Elysee Palace, Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum are included in those zones !!!!

Edouard François, recognized architect for his contribution to the social housing, brings his valuation in order to convert a part of these buildings into residential area. Naturally, when the south tower of Notre-Dame will be lived, the bell-ringer will have to adapt his working hours to the pace of the residents.

According to the PLU and in consideration of the functions of the current tenants, Edouard François has sent letters with his propositions to :

 — Mr Sarkozy, President of the French Republic,
 — Monseigneur Jacquin, vice-chancellor-archpriest of Notre-Dame Cathedral,
 — Mr Henri Loyrette, president and director of the Louvre Museum.

This work consists of pictures, extracts of the PLU and letters which will be exhibited at the 2nd floor of the gallery.

Born in 1957 in Paris, the architect, designer, town planner, and artist Edouard François is recognized on the international scene, as the leader of the green architecture. If his success comes from his interventions between architecture and landscape, he is especially recognized for his engaging in favour of the environment with the first vegetable facade of the cottages of Jupilles ; the Building which grows in Montpelier, Tower Flower, the building in bamboo and Barrier Fouquet’s hotel in Paris. His current work shows a permanent interest in the environment, the economy of project and the innovation, but also towards architecture “archidurable” fostering the development of the biodiversity. These characteristics are found his projects in process in Paris Eden Bio (20th-on 2011) and Massena (13th-2014). Finally, it’s with his concepts to build in the historic centers (PLU project), that Edouard François has confirmed his fame in the contemporary creation world.

  • Opening Saturday, March 19, 2011 6 PM → 8 PM
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