Edouard Wolton — Agartha


Collage, painting

Edouard Wolton — Agartha

Past: September 3 → 27, 2015

Edouard wolton galerie les filles du calvaire paris exposition 111 1 grid Edouard Wolton — Interview Dans son exposition Ultima Thulé à la galerie Les filles du calvaire, Edouard Wolton réussit cette prouesse, à travers la grammaire de la peinture, d’accorder les deux langues de la rationalité et de la mythologie. Suspendue prématurément en ce début de printemps 2020, nous vous proposons de la redécouvrir en images aux côtés de son auteur.

For his first solo exhibition in a gallery, this young graduate (2010) from National School of Fine Arts of Paris presents a two parts scenography1 with works combining mathematics, geometry and the Natural. Through a study of minerals, luminous phenomena or geometrical theories, the artist establishes a link between different elements extracted from nature in order to incorporate them in a coherent and rationalised thought of the representation.

Agartha, the title of the first exhibition, originates in the theory that the Earth is hollow and contains an ordered system with its own sun. This term refers to an unreachable space where the complete knowledge would lie. This artistic hypothesis is equally connected with scientific theories than poetic approaches or sci-fi novels, like Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne. This name, Agartha, of a legendary underground realm, allows to establish a link between landscape, rock, minerals and different mathematical theories in order to create a complete rationalisation of elements. The hollow moutain, the earth’s crust, the imagination and the symbols form an autonomous and total world.

This exhibition is presented at the same time as Paola de Pietri’s exhibition.


1 The first part is exhibited on the ground floor in September, and the second part on the second floor in October, following two complementary but different proposals in the choice of exhibited works.

  • Opening Thursday, September 3, 2015 6 PM → 9 PM
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