Edouard Wolton — Photométéores


Collage, painting

Edouard Wolton — Photométéores

Past: October 10 → 24, 2015

For his first solo exhibition in a gallery, this young graduate (2010) from National School of Fine Arts of Paris presents a two parts scenography with works combining mathematics, geometry and the Natural. Through a study of minerals, luminous phenomena or geometrical theories, the artist establishes a link between different elements extracted from nature in order to incorporate them in a coherent and rationalised thought of the representation.

The title of the exhibition, Photométéores, refers to optical phenomena, resulting from a modification of the solar or the terrestrial light. The most frequent manifestations of it, like rainbows, shooting stars or twilights, impregnate our day-to-day lives.

Therefore, these processes, long fantasized, create an immaterial link between our atmosphere and the cosmos. Similar to luminous vortexes, his works associate sources of celestial and organic lights (coral, fireflies…) in order to recreate the best the order of the Natural.

  • Opening Saturday, October 10, 2015 3 PM → 8 PM
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