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Elizaveta Konovalova
Conclusions passagères

Past: April 11 → May 17, 2014

Conclusions passagères —  Fleeting conclusions

I came up with this oxymoron when trying to define the relationship of my practice to it’s exhibition. My work often contains a programmed evolution, an internal development without the need for a pre-defined end: the works change, complement each other, grow or diminish. They have no fixed form — they exist in a conceptual infinity, materializing from time to time, adapting to different situations.

The exhibition becomes a means of creating a pause in this process in time, to temporarily end it before starting again. Starting again in observing, documenting, collecting, studying, and deepening the research.

The exhibition is the reason that the work exists. It forces me to stop at a given time to point and let it be seen.

Thus, for the exhibition at the Gallery Jeune Création, I have chosen to present a selection of pieces which, in one way or another, are still in progress, if not contain in them the promise of a segue.


Elizaveta Konalova was born in Moscow in 1986. Currently she lives and works in Paris. Elizaveta continued her training at the School of Fine Arts, Paris in the studio of Jean-Luc Vilmouth. In 2009 she participated in an exchange program for six months at Cooper Union School of Art in New York.

Her career has been interspersed with stays at various residences: La Malterie (Lille, France), Centre for Contemporary Art Nairs (Scuol, Switzerland), National Center for Contemporary Art (Kronstadt, Russie) Künstlerhaus Frise (Hamburg, Allemagne).

In 2013 her work was awarded the Boesner Prize and the Yvon Lambert “Coup de Coeur” prize during the international exhibition Jeune Création held at the Centquatre Paris. The same year Elizaveta Konovalova was a finalist of the Discovery Prize of the Friends of Palais de Tokyo, Paris. She’s selected for the 2014 prize Sciences Po for contemporary art.

  • Opening Thursday, April 10, 2014 6 PM → 9 PM
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