Elodie Lesourd — Musical Perforation


Drawing, installation, painting

Elodie Lesourd
Musical Perforation

Past: March 23 → May 11, 2013

For her new exhibition at Galerie Olivier Robert, Elodie Lesourd unveils her abounding artistic practice and rigorous renewal.

A new installation, seven new paintings, a series of drawings, Musical Perforation confronts us with extremes, contradictions and violence, skims their surface with a clever caress. We must penetrate the skin, this authentic animal part, to reach the very essence and create a form of ritual in the most ghostly automatisms.

Animal hide is stretched throughout the gallery making the space resonate, enacting new rules and revealing aesthetic moments, paintings yielded as sacrifice. Elodie Lesourd gives a musical perforation in the field of art.

Olivier Robert Gallery Gallery
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